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Emotive. Cinematic. Atmospheric. Ethereal. HARBOUR.

Harbour - the name we all think of when the emotion and depth of cinematic scoring meets electronic music. For two years now, the Las Vegas based producer continues to pave his own road in the music scene, blending distinct elements of larger-than-life film sound with the progressive and rebellious energy of electronic music. It's no secret, Harbour truly has cultivated a lush and atmospheric experience in his music that immediately inspires listeners and provokes one to not only listen, but to imagine.

"To me, music is all about telling a story and so I really focus on that. I put as much effort as possible into generating a scene or 'atmosphere,' if you will, that will really grab the listeners attention and make them feel the exact emotion that either drove the need to tell the story in the first place or experience the exact mood and feelings of the storyteller. It's why I like to throw around the term 'film scoring' simply because I want every sound in the song to reinforce the story and leave the listener with a crystal clear impression of the story, it's feelings, emotions, and mood I was writing about."

Mood is absolutely correct. Every Harbour track is rich and true to its own mood. Listen now for yourself.

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